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Winter struck Kansas City not once, but twice over the past week. Although the snowfall was beautiful, the frost is hard on us, the cars and our equipment. Every August Oliver and I start preparing for the drudgery that is roadside assistance during a snow storm. We organize our tools and complete ALL maintenance work due on our vehicles- DMV errands included. If our cars do not start for early rush hour work, we can’t hit the road to help others. During the winter, our vehicles are also the office away from home. We both drive 8+ hours a day blissfully listening to audio books, dispatching calls and calling customers. This means our vehicles need to stay comfortable, clean and organized. I sat down and wrote out the strategies that have kept Oliver and I sane the last two winters. Some of them more time consuming than others, but they remain affordable and effective. Comment below with how you deal with winter weather! We are always learning from our customers. I learned tip number 4 from a customer while I unlocked his vehicle.

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See you on the road,

QuickPickKC Team

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